Français accès membres : identifiant mot de passe mot de passe oublié recherche lysosomal storage disorders presentation of the society actions for the families how to help vml lysosomal storage disorders : impression de la page lysosomal storage disorders  3000 children have these diseases in france. 250 to cardinal new cases are detected every year. online consultation prescription viagra Rare genetic diseases the term “lysosomal diseases” includes a group of approximately fifty child degenerative disorders that have a genetic dysfunction of the lysosome as a common trait. viagra canada In each of our cells, the role of the lysosome is to recycle substances (called metabolites) that come out of the cells functioning. In lysosomal diseases, for a genetic reason, the lysosome does not function properly. Metabolites progressively increase in the cells and subsequently in the tissue of the sick person. Transmission apart from the hunter disease and the fabry disease that are hereditary disorders of the transmission metabolism related to the x chromosome, lysosomal diseases are transmitted following the autosomal recessive model. This means that both parents are healthy carriers of the disease. On each pregnancy there is 25% risk that these parents’ children will have the disease. The sick child carries a genetic patrimony with two deficient alleles. viagra for sale Boys and girls are equally affected. best prices for viagra in canada Screening the screening of the disease can only take place when there is a case known in the family. In these circumstances, a prenatal diagnosis can be arranged for couples at risk for the past few years, some of these disorders can benefit from specific treatments. Early diagnosis is crucial so that a therapeutic strategy can be put in place. Early intervention prevents the occurrence of definitive lesions. buy generic viagra Consequences lysosomal storage disorders (lsd) include a number of diseases with a wide range of symptoms. side effects viagra viagra They are specific multisystemic affections with a spectrum of clinical severity that range from extremely severe to mild forms. The most severe forms include neurological affections, which is the case for numerous pathologies leading to bedridden states. The disease typically develops from deficiencies to definitive lesions which, depending on the pathology, affect various organs such as bones, heart, liver, spleen and brain. buy viagra Most of the time, the classical symptoms of the disease are absent at birth. buy viagra without prescription These symptoms can become apparent only after a period of several month or several years or even at the adult age. viagra over 65s   typical symptoms include a progressive and definitive impairment of the physical and mental states. viagra generic4u Treatments for the time being, therapeutic possibilities are.