Thaindian news home about us top stories tags study establishes link between allergic diseases and irritable bowel syndrome february 1st, 2008 - 3:43 pm ict by admin   tweet washington, feb 1 (ani): rush university medical center scientists say that adults with allergy symptoms are more likely to show a high incidence of irritable bowel syndrome (ibs), which suggests a link between atopic disorders and ibs. Dr. Mary c. viagra from canada reviews Tobin and her colleagues studied one hundred twenty-five adults, and found that the likelihood of ibs was significantly higher in patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis (2. 67 times), patients with allergic eczema (3. 85 times), and patients with depression (2. viagra for cheap 56 times). order cheap viagra at the best prices Irritable bowel syndrome is a cluster of symptoms, including abdominal pain for 12 weeks within the past year, change in stool consistency or frequency, and relief of abdominal pain with defecation. viagra over the counter thailand Various studies hinted that allergen exposure might lead to ibs symptoms in some patients. viagra canada online However, the frequency of such occurrences had not been studied up to this point. “the reported presence of allergic dermatitis was highly correlated to the presence of ibs in our population,” noted the researchers. “in atopic disease, allergic dermatitis is the first step of the atopic march. buy cheap viagra In early childhood, ae (allergic eczema) is frequently associated with gastrointestinal dysfunction and food allergy. viagra over the counter thailand A clinical history of ae may be a useful marker for patients with gut hypersensitivity and atopic ibs,” the investigators added. viagra for sale The researchers revealed that asthma and irritable bowel syndrome was reported by 12 of 41 patients (29 per cent). viagra first time experience This finding is similar to the one reported in a previous paper. The authors of the study propose that “this subgroup of ibs (atopic ibs) be considered separately from patients with ibs without atopic symptoms, because they may have distinct pathophysiologic features and may benefit from specific therapeutic interventions. viagra over the counter thailand ” the study has been published in the annals of allergy, asthma & immunology, the scientific journal of the american college of allergy, asthma and immunology. (ani) tweet tags: abdominal pain, allergic dermatitis, allergic diseases, allergic rhinitis, allergy asthma, allergy symptoms, annals of allergy, atopic disorders, atopic march, center scientists, clinical history, food allergy, gastrointestinal dysfunction, irritable bowel syndrome, mary c, rush university, seasonal allergic rhinitis, stool consistency, therapeutic interventions, university medical center posted in health science | hot now! President mukherjee given civic reception by bengal government (lead) fdi in airlines allowed, foreign airlines welcome move genes invest you with unique facial identity heavy ra. viagra online